james debate
james debate

Sunday, 10 June 2007

So this was an unusual week post exams, several parties, ending up in other peoples' houses, my first date as a single person, and a rather unusual and de-stressing night in windsor with Charlotte, the last of which I wont discuss much here because she reads this sometimes!

All in all its been awesome fun and shows no sign of letting up, with nights out tomorrow, more events and plans with various people in the coming weeks. Hopefully I will get some time to relax a bit too!
GO check out pictures for my fishy costume on facebook, and dont post anything mean on charzy's pics or shell kill me for putting them up.

Was thinking of saying something about Carol but decided its best to start forgetting about her and excising her presence from this blog, despite her knack for saying/doing stupid things and reaching new heights of stupidity/selfishness. The sad thing is I really do want to help her and fix things but how many times can I keep reaching out to her when she bites the hand that feeds her? Im sure ive used that exact thought on here before but essentially its the entire story with her.

Despite this, now is not a time for despair, It is a time for enjoying nights out with your friends, and girls who are slightly better than ordinary friends. On top of this the summer is blessed with wonderful daily life as well as nightlife, long may the bbqs and picnics continue and let the shopping never ever cease!

Am sure Ill see all of you very soon, but if not then have a lovely June and a happy July.

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