james debate
james debate

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

I am starting to think Carol is less naive and more of a master manipulator, with the way she seems to turn haters back onto her side just by shedding a few tears. Whatever the case one thing that is harder to stomach is friends I have lost because of her, close friends like Sara who were so moved by her tears so as to believe whatever she says and turn against me. It has now been so long since that fight that even in light of the realisation that I was in fact innocent she still won't forgive me. I miss her so much.

On top of which one can't help but wonder about all the opportunities I had and didnt take when I was with Carol. Unlike her I am a good significant other and I can show willpower (as much as I like to pretend otherwise). Now at this late stage in the year, so long after we started, most girls I once had a chance with are taken, and its hard to wonder what might have happened had I not made the mistake i made, and if i had been available at the time. Can only hope I havent missed all the opportunities Im going to get.

Still I am really really glad that me and carol will stay friends... even if we had never been together shes a lovely girl to have around and if i can forgive her her obvious flaws then i know we'll have a great friendship :)

Of much greater importance than this right now is my friend Cat who is in hospital, possibly with appendicitis. I hope you will all join me in praying for her, i myself am going to go buy her a card or something and go visit her in a bit. Since I heard about it I have spent all afternoon reading about her condition, doctor that i am. Hope she gets better real soon.

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