james debate
james debate

Friday, 18 May 2007

One thing I have learned from living in this country is the distaste most people have for America. They're stupid, fat and arrogant is what i hear most often. Far be it from me to show the average denizen of England a mirror to make them realise something. Meanwhile in America the answer is obvious, the rest of the world is jealous. America is cheap, wealthy, flowing with freedom and choice and luxuries most people even in other highly developed countries like England can only dream of.

To present an understanding of why Americans have this arrogancei present the following analogy for brits. Have you ever been to Italy? Tuscany perhaps? and thought about how old and run down all the buildings look and thought that as cute and quaint as it is you would never really want to live there? well this is precisely the feeling one gets coming from America to London.

The hotspot of London is Chelsea, expensive and supposedly the height of residential real estate. And yet for all the millions you spend, most appartment buildings have no air conditioning, no concierge, no elevator and no common room or gym area. This is an absurdity to anyone who has been spoilt by the quality of homes in a place like New York for pretty much the same price too.

As always I remain on the fence because I still love this country and I think there are certain things, like football and music which make up for anything else we lack

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